Wart treatments

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Although warts are a very common and in most cases a trivial and self-limiting condition, some warts are persistent and problematic. We provide the latest wart treatments.

If you have warts that just won’t go then come and see us.

What are warts, are they contagious?

Warts are local growths in the skin that are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. There are over 100 types of HPV. Some HPV types infect the genital and oral mucosa and produce large, unpleasant masses, some of which may become cancerous. Other, HPV types are responsible for common skin warts and are not associated with cancer. Although warts are considered to be contagious, it is not uncommon for just one family member to have them. In addition, they often affect just one part of the body (such as the hands or the feet), but they can be spread to other areas by picking them. Continue Reading

What are the treatments?

Due to the large variety, stages of wart growth and treatments available the best policy is to have us identify your problem and best solution.


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