Skin Cancer Treatments

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Many of the skin cancers found during a Full Skin Examination – will require further Skin Cancer Treatments, some of these will require surgical excision.

Second Skin Dermatology has an operating theatre – and so in many cases you will not need to “go to hospital” but will be able to have the surgery at SSD.  Dr Shannon is not able to offer patients a General Anaesthetic and operates using local anaesthetic.

If you are having a surgical excision at SSD – you must not stop your warfarin.

Some lesions can be “cut out on the spot”. This is particularly helpful for frail patients who have come from a nursing home and require relatives and transport to attend.

Dr Shannon is a good surgeon, but there are times when another surgeon will be able to perform a better “result” and  he will discuss with you the option of being “referred on” to an expert plastic surgeon or MOHS surgeon. Dr Shannon will do everything he can to act in your best interests and achieve the best result for you.

Sometimes radiotherapy is a good option and this will be discussed if appropriate and arranged.

Some Skin Cancer Treatments or “thin” lesions can be treated non-surgically – ie SMBCC (superficial multifocal basal cell carcinomas) can be treated with PDT, Aldara, Currette and Cautery etc.  SSD has Metvix and ALA based PDT therapy, and an Aktilite and “daylight PDT”.

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