Full Skin Examinations

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Expert full skin examinations consistently detect skin cancers when they are thinner and earlier and therefore have a better prognosis. Dermatologists are experts at skin examination and arguably the best at this.

As specialist dermatologists, we are specifically trained to perform skin examinations for the diagnosis of skin cancers. Furthermore, we have the skill set to treat most of these cancers. We also have specific partnerships with plastic surgeons and radiation oncologists whom we refer to, when more advanced therapies are required.

In the course of a Full Skin Examination (FSE) you will first be asked your Medical and skin related history and then asked to  undress – just leaving your underwear on. If required a gown is available. All female examinations are chaperoned. If a suspicious lesion(s) is found, and it is a convenient time to have the biopsy, the lesion will be biopsied  under local anaesthetic and submitted for histological examination. Generally, you will then be asked to return in a week for results and a discussion of treatment options.  Scalp biopsies generally take 10 days before results are available.

Should you have a specific lesion of concern, please see your general practitioner, who will then decide whether referral to a specialist dermatologist is appropriate.

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