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I just had minor surgery to remove a spot. Why did I receive a bill from a pathologist?

It is a Medicare Australia requirement that certain types of excisions and lesion removal be sent for pathology, in order to attract a rebate.  Also it is important that all specimens that are sent, be examined to confirm its diagnosis, and if relevant whether the lesion has been completely excised.  In other words, having your surgical specimen examined by a dermato-pathologist is an important part of your treatment and care.  The pathologists we send our specimens to, are highly trained in the examination of skin specimens.  They are private companies and will bill the patient directly, and their fees attract a Medicare rebate.

How do I know my Dermatologist is up-to-date?

Just ask them! All dermatologists at the practice are Fellows of the Australasian College of Dermatologists and have achieved a very high standard of knowledge to pass their exams. Furthermore, the Fellows are required to undergo Continuous Medical Education throughout their careers; this is a requirement of the College and of the Australian medical licensing board. Dermatologists are required to have at least 150 hours of training over every 3 years in various areas of dermatology and practice management.

Here at Second Skin Dermatology, our dermatologists regularly supervise the training of junior dermatology trainees through our public hospital appointments. We give regular training tutorials to junior staff, and all participate in informal and formal teaching within and outside the practice. There is also an active habit by all our doctors to give regular teaching lectures to general practitioners in various local and national forums. Our dermatologists regularly attend national and international medical conferences to ensure that their patients are provide with globally-accepted standards of care. The practice has available to all doctors several international and local peer-reviewed dermatology medical journals. We regularly cross-refer between colleagues in the practice, at no cost to the patient!

Many of us have been involved in the trainee selection process as well as are members on state level College committees. Dr. Thai is on the board of directors of the Skin and Cancer Foundation Australia.

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