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Broadly speaking the main forms of dermatitis that Dr Shannon encounters are atopic dermatitis – aka eczema – generally in children but sometimes in adults, Irritant dermatitis  commonly on the hands of patients that “work with their hands” or wash their hands many times a day, allergic dermatitis particularly on the face, scalp where a patient may be allergic to a product that they are coming into contact with unknowingly.  Seborrhoeic dermatitis and other forms of dermatitis are other important forms of dermatitis.

Taking a detailed history is vital, and in some cases further testing is required. Beyond general measures of soap free wash, topical steroids, and emollients, sometimes patch testing is required, and in some severe cases of dermatitis – oral steroids, and or NBUVB light therapy, and or cyclosporine, or imuran may be required.

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