Lesion Removal

Occasionally, patients can have benign lesions that they do not like.  Though most doctors would advise against the removal of non-cancerous lesions, the elective removal of some lesions may be justifiable.  For example, patients may have an annoying skin tag or mole that keeps getting caught on the bra-strap or belt line, there may be a spot on the face that keeps being cut with shaving, or there is a particularly obvious ‘age wart’ on one’s face that attracts too much attention.

Some moles are best removed by traditional surgery with sutures [stitches] placed, whilst other lesions are best removed by shave- excision, snip- excision, curettage or electrocautery.  An ablative laser system can also be used to vaporize lesions with great precision, leaving the smallest the ‘footprint’ of injury.  All these treatments are available at Radien Dermatology Gordon, please kindly discuss your needs with your dermatologist.

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