Grooves and Wrinkles

When we age, the lower face loses its elasticity as the collagen and elastin fibres degrade and the fatpads are resorbed. These changes result in the sagging of the skin and a loss of volume on the cheekbones and mid cheeks. Skin is thrown into folds that manifest as the deep grooves on the sides of the lips, the marionette lines on the chin, and the sides of the cheeks hollow out. The lips also lose their volume and the upper lip tends to turn inwards. Restoration of the volume loss and correction of the changes can disguise some of these age-related changes.

Various prescription products are available for the correction of these age-related changes. Though these treatments are available through the practice, the Therapeutics Goods Administration in Australia have significant restrictions on how these agents are promoted and advertised, and severe penalties are imposed with such breaches.  Please discuss you needs with your dermatologist.

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